Broach Sharpening and Reconditioning process:

The process generally consists of re-sharpening the worn tool. Re-sharpening the gullet faces generally returns the tool to a workable condition if the tool has been maintained properly.  Reconditioning may consist of re-stepping the tooth diameters and clearance angles to restore the uniform taper after multiple sharpenings or extraordinary wear.


At Pioneer Michigan Broach, all broaches received are evaluated to determine the proper maintenance necessary to restore the correct cutting geometry.  We have the capability to sharpen or recondition broaches either with manual machines or automatically with the use of our CNC grinding machines.  CNC sharpened broaches are probed and measured for spacing prior to regrinding and are processed with CBN plated grinding wheels with high pressure oil coolant.  Manually sharpened broaches have a unique proprietary process that produces a superior cutting edge.  Whether it's round, flat, angular or helical, we've got the edge you need.

Broach repair:

Have a broken broach?  We may be able to help you.  We have developed proven techniques to repair and salvage broken broaches where others can't.  Before you discard that expensive tool and wait 8-12 weeks for a new one, give us a chance to review your tool.

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