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The benefits of "CNC Qualified" broaches include superior work-piece finish, perfect repeatability of the sharpening process and a consistently accurate tool. Increases in tool life are commonly found to be from 20% to over 300%.


These improvements are the result of the even loading of all cutting teeth throughout the broach and strict adherence to the engineering specifications. Near perfect tolerances are held utilizing pre-formed plated borazon metal wheels along with high pressure heavy oil coolants. This process produces consistent tooth gullet forms without the heat and friction generated by conventional grinding.

*When "CNC Qualified" broaches are sent to Pioneer for resharpening, we regrind the minimal stock necessary to remove the worn cutting edges from all the teeth and still retain the even loading per tooth. When manually ground broaches are re-sharpened on the CNC grinders, the broaches are first probed (to record in the computer's memory the exact position of the face of each tooth ), and then the minimum amount of stock is removed.

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